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  • Eco Bags
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    This Website has a large range of items but it can be daunting for a client, so we encourage you to Call or Email us so we can do the work for you. You are currently not logged into our web site.

    Jute Bag Colored

    Jute Bag Natural

    2 in 1 Collapsible Shopping Trolley Bag

    Collapsible Shopping Trolley Bag

    Compact Foldable Shopping Tote Bag

    Die Cut Brown Kraft Paper Bag (280 x 280 x 150mm)

    Die cut Handle Bag with Flap(50x220x100mm+80mm flap)

    Die cut Handle Bag with Window(100x160x60mm)

    Die cut Handle Bag with Window(135x200x75mm )

    Die cut Handle Bag with Window(160x270x90mm)

    Die cut Handle Bag(100x160x60mm)

    Die cut Handle Bag(135x200x75mm)

    Die cut Handle Bag(160x270x90mm)

    ECO zip top bag

    Flat Handle Kraft Paper Bag(150x150x170mm)

    Flat Handle Kraft Paper Bag(175x110x240mm)

    Flat Handle Kraft Paper Bag(215x165x265mm)

    Flat Handle Kraft Paper Bag(250x250x250mm)

    Foldable Mesh Drawstring Backpack

    Foldaway Shopping Bag With Clip

    Foldaway Shopping Tote Bag

    Gift Bag with Lamination (Rope/Ribbon Handle)(110x140x70mm)

    Gift Bag with Lamination (Rope/Ribbon Handle)(180x210x120mm)

    Gift Bag with Lamination (Rope/Ribbon Handle)(260x310x120mm)

    Knitted Handle Bag with Lamination(230x300x100mm)

    Knitted Handle Bag with Lamination(270x220x100mm)

    Knitted Handle Bag with Lamination(350x250x100mm)

    Large Black&White Boutique Kraft Paper Bag(380 x 380 x 100mm)

    Large Boutique Kraft Paper Bag(380 x 380 x 100mm)

    Large Brown Kraft Paper Bag Without Handle(150 x 280 x 90mm)